Static code analysis tools like SonarQube not only focuses on code-specific vulnerabilities but also on code refactoring, memory leaks, and best coding practices. It can directly integrate with automation servers like Jenkins or with GitHub to analyze branches and decorate pull requests within enhanced CI/CD workflow.

In this article, I will implement static testing with SonarQube in one of my old Django project. You can find the link here. It’s a simple REST API-based project, which I assume has lots of vulnerabilities and improper code constructs, which I expect SonarQube to detect and report.

Dynamic testing and Static Testing

SonarQube differs from other popular names…

Deno hype has become insurmountable, and breach of the peace in the node.js community is obviously understandable.

Ryan Dahl, the creator of the Node.js, has come up with a new runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript called Deno. Given that its preview release had just been on May 12, 2020, its community has been growing in quite a number. The capability of Deno to fulfill the part of both runtime and package manager within a single executable seems intriguing. It contrasts with Node.js having TypeScript support out of the box and being secure by default.

I had a hard time watching “10 Things I Regret About Node.js” by Ryan Dahl in JSConf EU 2018 as he implied Deno…

In this tech industry, Javascript is omnipresent. Even if it has a brand name of React or Angular or Vue, it’s still javascript under the hood with the same fundamentals.

There is no point in getting a head start to dive into these fancy frameworks without understanding the pillars of the Javascript. It is irresponsible of you to write a JS code and not understand the critical aspect of the language. This article lets you know your JS foundations as a JavaScript developer. I want you to give yourself a point for every question you answer correctly. …

Kaylin Khanal

JavaScript developer. I write mainly about react/rn/node and other js stacks.

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